How alpaca knitwear makes the future better for our kids

Transparency and honesty are values which are of paramount importance at The Extra Smile. Quality over quantity, to be kinder to our planet.

Life goes fast and generations follow each other in quick succession. Awareness is therefore very important. What we now consider “normal” will soon no longer be possible: our planet cannot keep up with our growing consumption and waste.

The fact that this awareness for sustainability starts at a young age only contributes to a beautiful and above all liveable planet.

How can you make your offspring more aware of the concept of sustainability? The great thing is that you can tell this story based on a piece of clothing.

That cool, hip sweater from The Extra Smile's Dream Out Loud collection is made of alpaca wool, more specifically baby alpaca wool. What makes this alpaca wool so special compared to other wool types?

Alpacas promote a sustainable living environment

Alpacas have lived on the high plains of the South American Andes for over thousands of years. These animals live in the unique highlands and feed on grass. Because of how their denture is structured, they leave the roots of plants and crops in, thus these do not get exhausted.

Their small-cushioned hooves make them walk "on clouds", leaving grassfields undamaged. This, in turn, contributes to a more fertile soil. Therefore, alpaca herds are friendly to the habitat they graze on.

Baby alpaca wool

Every spring - once a year - the alpaca farmers in the Andes shear their alpacas. For many farmers in this region, wool production is one of the main sources of income. That is why they want their alpacas to live as long as possible, and they are cared for in extremely friendly conditions at the alpaca farm.

Alpaca wool is a very fine material. Baby alpaca wool is used for extra soft jerseys, ideal for our kids. This wool does not come from young animals, but comes from the back of an adult alpaca. The back is a place that is the least soiled and produces very soft wool.

The sustainable character of the finished products also lies in the production of alpaca wool without chemicals. The untreated alpaca fiber makes the material completely biodegradable. It is soft and hypoallergenic for children's skin. This process results in light and breathable wool that is powerful in its pure form, or in a mix with other materials.

Local communities

    In the Andean region, alpaca wool is very important economically, and therefore the animals are treated very well.

    Fair fashion made of high quality fabrics such as baby alpaca wool, pays attention not only to animals, but also to people. We know that the fabric of our clothing is created in an environment that does not tolerate slavery or child labour. The more jobs that offer a living wage and a safer working environment, the better for the children in that society.

    A warm feeling

    In conclusion, alpacas are kind to our planet and their wool is more durable than other types of wool. If your sprout is wearing a soft warm sweater made of alpaca wool this winter, you know that you are already doing your part in the chain of sustainable entrepreneurship that is kind to the planet and fair to people.

    Choosing a warm, soft winter sweater will give you a warm feeling. Obviously, that sweater must be hip and cool, but to make life as beautiful as ours for our kids and the next generations, it is important to consciously reflect on the sustainability of our purchases.

    Go for The Extra Smile and choose your favourite from our latest Dream Out Loud collection.

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