How to care for your organic cotton facemask?

Depending on the country you live in, wearing a face mask in public is mandatory or strongly encouraged, including for children over two years old. 

Surgical masks should be reserved for medical staff, so washable and reusable organic cotton face masks are the responsible citizen’s option.

Whilst science is not very clear yet on how effective face masks are in protecting the person who wears them against COVID-19, research shows that societies that wear masks are more successful in flattening the curve


Caring for your organic cotton face mask

Now, caring for your face mask is very important too.

Here are some recommendations to keep your organic cotton face mask clean and in shape: 

  • Wash the face mask after every wear; 
  • Do not leave a used face mask in the laundry basket with garments that you will wash in cold water;
  • Use a detergent with bleach-like active ingredients as these kill microbes more effectively than standard detergents;
  • Machine washing is optimal on a temperature of 40℃;
  • You can further disinfect your cotton masks by ironing it.

After you have washed and dryed your mask, it is important to store it safely, in a plastic container of plastic ziploc, to have it ready for the next appearance in public.

Face masks are the new normal and could stay for another while, as they do not only bring down the cases of coronaviruses, but also influenza. 

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