Exploring a new route to make our social enterprise even more sustainable

The Extra Smile was set up with the purpose to improve the lives of textile workers and to reduce the environmental impact of kids clothing.

With the chaos going on in the world, we have to be flexible and rethink our business model with the aim of securing the future of our social enterprise, whilst improving our social and environmental performance at the same time.


Because of lockdown measures around the world and reduced economic activity, there are heaps of unsold clothing, mainly at big fashion retailers.

At The Extra Smile, even though we only produce in small quantities, we also experienced the stress and consequences of unsold stock. So that made us think: how can we solve this issue? After all, our purpose is to make the fashion industry a fairer and greener field.

So we came up with the idea to only produce what we sell. By pre-ordering our kids fashion, our clients support Cambodian families during these difficult times, and help us to be even more efficient.

We are premiering this new offer in Asia this month. To reward our customers for their support, pre-ordered items are sold at a very attractive price with up to a 50% discount.

The right time

The pandemic has made people more aware of what is truly important, and consumers are ready for change. There is a shift in the market’s buying criteria and people are looking for opportunities to vote with their wallet.

Today’s consumer choices will have an impact on future generations. Also, with the widely reported scandals in the fashion industry, the demand for sustainable alternatives is growing and the eco-system is expanding with websites and market places that offer only sustainable options, such as Ethical Merchants, Project Cece, Shop Bettr and Waio.co, just to name a few,

With this in mind, we are calling parents to make sustainable choices for their children’s clothing and to pre-order organic shirts and dresses that will secure decent employment to Cambodian apparel workers.

We cater specifically to parents who want their money to care for people and the planet.

The offer

As pre-ordering is a relatively new concept, we offer only a limited range of products:

  • Stellan’s and Matteo’s shirts are elegant short-sleeved shirts in light and soft GOTS-certified cotton with hidden buttons and round collar.
  • Romane’s dress is a long and elegant dress, inspired by Greek goddesses, and made of milk fiber.
  • Emma’s scrunchies are this year’s fashion hit and made of soft GOTS-certified cotton. 

Delivery time is four to six weeks, and prices are considerably lower (up to 50%) than the normal price.

The garments were designed by a French creative duo based in Seoul and Paris and produced with sustainable fabrics (GOTS-certified cotton and milk fiber) in Cambodia by the workshop of the French NGO Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant, where 30 women earn a decent living, allowing their children to focus on their studies instead of working for the family. 

The mission of Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant is to provide education and vocational training to Cambodians children, and the workshop is a recent business activity that helps finance the NGO’s mission. 


Why Pre-Order?

💚  It reduces waste: it helps us to produce the right quantities!

💚  You support a social enterprise through your purchase as it directly provides decent working conditions to apparel workers in Cambodia.

💚  You save money. Thanks to your pre-order, we can eliminate the risk of unsold stock, and share the money we save with you!