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Pre-Order Johann's scarf The Extra Smile
Pre-Order Johann's scarf The Extra Smile
Pre-Order Johann's scarf The Extra Smile

Pre-Order Johann's scarf

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Dream Out Loud: We dedicated this stripey scarf to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the greatest German literary figures in history who inspired people to dream big dreams.

What's special about it? The asymmetrical orange/denim stripey pattern give Johann's scarf a playful twist. Available in one size only

What is it made of? 70% certified organic cotton, 30% superfine baby alpacaThis material is soft and healthy for children’s skin, as well as light and comfortable to wear.

Measurements: 137 cm X 14 cm

Care for a tip? Wool programme in washing machine, dry flat.

When to wear? When the weather is cool or cold.

Why Pre-Order?

💚  Reduce waste: it helps us to produce the right quantities!

💚  Support a social enterprise: your purchase provides decent working conditions to apparel workers in Chile.

💚  Save money: by pre-ordering, we can eliminate the risk of unsold stock, and share the money we save with you!

💚  Be an active participant of the fashion revolution and make the world a better place for your children! 

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