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A gift card in times of corona - The Extra Smile

A gift card in times of corona

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You like our brand, but you haven't decided on which garment to buy? 

Or would you like to gift a sum to the parents of a great child you know?

Or would you just like us to bridge the coronavirus season and help us with some advanced cashflow? That would be so great!

Our giftcards are in Singaporean Dollar, and can be used for purchases everywhere in the world. 

25 SGD = approx. 16 EUR = approx. 17 USD

50 SGD = approx. 32 EUR = approx. 35 USD

100 SGD = approx. 65 EUR = approx. 69 USD

250 SGD = approx 160 EUR = approx. 172 USD

500 SGD = approx. 320 EUR = approx. 345 USD

We're building The Extra Smile with lots of great people, including you.