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The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved) The Extra Smile
The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved) The Extra Smile
The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved) The Extra Smile
The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved) The Extra Smile
The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved) The Extra Smile

The Magic T-shirt (Pre-Loved)

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Condition: Never been worn - the T-shirt has the neck label sewn in upside down, so we are selling this T-shirt at a discounted price.

The item is held in Ypres (Belgium).


About The Magic T-shirt
Who doesn't love the magic of recycling? A sparkly and dazzling message from curious and tolerant eco-champions.

What’s special about it? Its recycled sequin!

What is it made of?  Made in Cambodia by Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant. Vegan, 100% GOTS-certified cotton jersey, recycled sequin.

What do the kids say? Manon: "When you recycle paper, it becomes paper again."

Care for a tip? Hand washing in cold water with a gentle detergent is highly recommended. If you choose to use the washing machine, use a gentle detergent and the cold cycle programme.

Turning clothes inside out before washing and drying can prevent from fading. Line drying is recommended.

When to wear? For all seasons, when the weather is nice, dry and warm, with temperatures between 12 and 35 degrees Celsius or from 53 to 95 Fahrenheit.


Size guide




Fits most kids in this age group
3 to 5 years old
5 to 7 years old
7 to 9 years old
Fits most kids with height 
106-112 cm/ 41.73-44.09”
113-120 cm/ 44.48-47.24”
121-130 cm/ 47.63-51.18”
chest width
32 cm/ 12.59”
36 cm/ 14.17”
37.5 cm/ 14.76”
chest lenght 
44.5 cm/ 17.51”
47 cm/ 18.50”
49 cm/ 19.29”