Romy's dress The Extra Smile
Romy's dress The Extra Smile

Romy's dress

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Romy is a long and elegant dress, inspired by Greek goddesses. Don't be fooled by its classic overall look! Its asymmetrical cut and the double embroidered sleeves make the dress original and timeless.

Made for dreamy, ambitious girls with a dash of extravagance!

What’s special about it? Its embroidered sleeves, its fold and pleat cut, its incredible lightness and the softness of the milk fabric.  

What is it made of? 100% natural milk fiber (read about this amazing fiber here). Embroideries made of 100% cotton, beads are made of wood, the zipper is from YKK.

Care for a tip? Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent is highly recommended. If you choose to wash Romy in a washing machine, use a gentle detergent and the cold cycle programme.

Turning clothes inside out before washing and drying prevents fading. Line drying is recommended.

When to wear? In Spring or Summer with temperatures between 20°C - 38°C or 68°F-100°F.

Size guide




Fits most kids in this age group
3 to 5 years old
5 to 7 years old
7 to 9 years old
Fits most kids with height 
106-112 cm/ 41.73-44.09”
113-120 cm/ 44.48-47.24”
121-130 cm/ 47.63-51.18”
Chest width

15-22 cm/ 5.90"-8.66”

18-28 cm/ 7.08"-11.02”

24-34 cm/ 9.44”-13.38"


72 cm/ 27.95”

78 cm/ 30.70”

 82 cm/ 32.28”