Our manifesto

We are lively, open, curious, enthusiastic and creative. We love fashion, soft fabrics, great cuts and ethical chic. We apply our creativity throughout the whole process, from design to production, marketing to logistics.
Our clients are free spirits, cool kids and their even cooler significant adults, who teach them about great style and responsible consumption.
We are eager to make a difference and are passionate participants of the #fashionrevolution. We believe in business that is fair to people and kind to our planet.
We want to give a smile to everyone who touches our garments: the farmer who harvests the cotton, the seamstress who lovingly sews the hems, the children who wear them, and the adults who wash and keep them in good condition.
The Extra Smile is possible thanks to a team of enthusiastic fashion designers, marketers, producers, investors and clients.
We are building The Extra Smile together with lots of great people, including you.